REJOICE! Your Next Uber Ride Might Not Cost So Much (If You’re Lucky)

The term “Ubering” has become a MAJOR part of all of our lexicon, as the ride-sharing/hailing app has basically replaced cabs as the go-to way of getting to and from anywhere for us damn millennials.

And, following the high prices after the holidays, Uber has announced that prices will be dropping in 100 cities in North America, making this the third year in a row that the company has slashed fares in January for customers—so, if you’re lucky, the ride tab will be a little less hefty.

While the cities in which the rides will fall in price weren’t released, this is big news for those of us who know the feeling of waiting outside our favorite bars at 4 a.m. without a ride all too well, meaning that dropping a little more on shots won’t hurt as much.

With Uber carrying a $62.5 billion valuation, per the New York Times, the company is hoping that the price decrease will help fend off competitors like Lyft, continue to see new drivers join their fleet and help the hopes from a growing circle of investors.

More than anything, though, this just means that us bros can see a little smaller bill when we wakeup hungover after a long night of drinking, meaning we can go ahead and grab that McDonald’s breakfast we’re craving without guilt.


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