UC-Davis Students Aren’t Allowed To Register For Classes Until They Admit It’s Wrong To Say ‘I’d Hit That’

It feels like people spend an awful lot of time discussing, deciding and then listing the words girls and bros can and can’t say. Like remember the Chick-Fil-A manager with the laundry list of terms employees weren’t allowed to say on the job. How about you just sell mor chikin?

Now, a major university is making students admit it’s wrong to use certain words. If they don’t, they can’t register for classes. I guess their thousands of dollars in tuition aren’t good enough to take Econ 101.

The University of California, Davis, requires students to complete an online activity in which they must identify certain words and phrases as “problematic” before they register for classes. Students are prompted to match “I’d hit that,” “I raped that exam,” “bitch,” “pimp,” and “slut” with the correct explanation for why each term should not be uttered.

The correct answer for “I’d hit that” is, “Expression used to indicate interest in having sex with the subject of the statement. This phrase indicates an inherent connection between sex and a physically violent act.”

Wait, wait…people actually say they “raped” an exam. Rapes are sexual acts against a person’s will and you HAVE to take exams, so not only doesn’t it make sense, it’s fucking wrong to say. You know who says that? Rapists.

Anyway, here’s UC-Davis’s activity sheet in case you want to play at home.

Damn. This might be the only test I could actually pass in school.

The Foundation for Individual Rights (FIRE) informed UC-Davis that “the activity violates students’ First Amendment rights, since it requires them to affirm that these words are indeed problematic.”

UC-Davis responded with “tough shit.”

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