Instagram Took Down An Uncensored Photo Of Miley Cyrus’s Breasts. BUT! You Can Still See It.


We have a solution for you to see it!

First, though, a little medicine to go with your sugar. Miley posted this photo as part of the #FreeTheNipple movement, which believes the censorship of women’s body in media leads to unnecessary and harmful objectification and sexualization. So, women are showing that a breast is a breast–whether it’s a dude’s or a woman’s–by posting pics to social media that will naturally be taken down (which in turn proves their point).

Okay. Then go to and search “freethenipple” and you will see all the reposts of the picture in support. Boom. Miley Cyrus naked.

And think about it. Maybe we do objectify women a little too much. Food and breasts for thought in delightful form.

[H/T Total Frat Move]