2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke Told A Story About A Trump Party That Was So Raunchy EVEN HE Had To Leave

Luther Campbell, aka Uncle Luke, called in to the Kevin Klein Live show on San Francisco’s Live 105 on Tuesday to express his opinions on Donald Trump and the Republican party.

However, it’s the party that Trump threw back in the day that is the real eye-opener in this story.

“The difference between me and Trump, and the music that I’ve done, we glorify the vagina. We don’t take it,” explained Uncle Luke. “He’s talking about rape, and we’re talking about, ‘Hey, we want some P. Face down, ass up!’ We talk about things that are so great about a sexual act versus ‘Oh, I would grab her by her P.’ We would never talk about it in that manner where you would go violate a woman. Just kissin’ a woman straight up — that’s unacceptable.”

Mind you, Campbell and his group 2 Live Crew were famously taken to court by the Florida state attorney back in the 1990s for obscenity charges.

“Those same people who did come after me, I got a real serious problem with the same people defending him,” said Campbell. “Even with us as entertainers, I’m offended by it…Some of those guys in the Senate and in Congress were there back then, and for them to sit there right now and say ‘I’m supporting Trump’? He’s still degrading women right now.”

Then Luke discussed a party thrown by Trump that he attended back in the day…

“One time me and Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy, we were invited to [Trump’s] mansion in West Palm Beach,” Campbell explained. “They had all these women running around. There was so much going on… There was too much going on in that room. There were some wild things going on, some things I can’t even say over this radio. This ain’t [Sirius] XM Radio — it was some wild stuff going on, but this guy’s not fit to be a President.”

Damn, when someone whose moral compass allowed him to become famous for songs such as “We Want Some Pussy” and “Me So Horny” and bragged in his autobiography about banging multiple women at parties says your party is too raunchy even for him that’s really saying something.

Give the whole thing a listen below…

[protected-iframe id=”757186731f4f6d4efdf71983e6a11d92-97886205-92827192″ info=”http://cbsloc.al/2dZwXJd” width=”640″ height=”360″ frameborder=”0″]

If for some reason that audio doesn’t work, you can also listen to it here.

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