This Dude Died From Chowin’ Down On Underwear Soaked In MethAdone

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You know what gets my stomach grumbling? The idea of eating underwear. You know what puts me into a ravenous zombie-like hunger? The idea of eating underwear…soaked in METHADONE! Five star cuisine right here, send’em on over.

In Jessamine County, Kentucky, a 33-year-old prisoner died from eating his cell mate’s methadone-soaked underwear.
Kentucky State Police investigated and discovered that 55-year-old Michael Jones, while furlough to visit family earlier this month, had soaked his underwear with the drug before returning to Jessamine County Jail. Then, Jones tore up his undies and distributed the dope cloth to fellow inmates, one of which being his younger cellmate, Corey D. McQueary.
McQueary died on August 21 after, according to News 4 San Antonio, alerting guards to his feeling under the weather–though he did not mention that he ate methadone underwear.

Via Death And Taxes

Not gonna lie, props for coming up with the idea to soak your underwear in methadone and selling it to people. That’s some creative shit right there. But then again…you got caught. Because you killed someone. Sooo…maybe it’s not such a great idea (just kidding, it’s an awful idea don’t fucking do that).


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