University of Richmond Bro Writes the Ultimate Bro Christmas List Circa 2008

Editor’s Note: This great moment in Bro Internet History was originally published two years ago, but since we’re now in the holiday season, we thought everyone might appreciate reading it again.

Crokies, Brooks Brothers, and Vineyard Vines LAX ties, OH MY! You’ll see no snark from us about this awesome Christmas list obviously penned by a University of Richmond lax Bro. This gem comes via Deadpin’s current Christmas Wishlist series. Looks like it was written circa 2007 – 2009 as “Entourage” was riding into the sunset, because all REAL Bros know Vineyard Vines is so passe these days. Southern Tide and Chubbies is where it’s at. Another comment: Let’s face it: Every Bro should probably have most of these things, especially the BPS hat and Guy Harvey boating T-shirt. The business stuff (company car? Really?) is pretty douche for a Christmas list, but whatever. I’m sure this guy and his Pops can smirk in matching sweaters over spiked eggnog by the Yule plotting their plans to grow a business empire. But what’s up with the North Face fleece?

Come on, man. It’s not called Fratagonia for nothing, Bro.

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