Bros… Our Username on ‘Yo’ Is ‘BroBible’ — Add Us So We Can Blow You Up at 4AM

by 5 years ago


Bros… We’ve had our fair share of techs ups and downs here at BroBible, but when we found out about the “Yo” messaging app bandwagon rolled into town we knew we just had to jump on it.


Is it pointless? Yeah, but that’s the point. Pointless is fun as fuck. I’m literally pressing these colorful buttons like a monkey, Yo’ing people left and right.

Our user name is “BroBible.” Follow us and we’ll blow you up at 4AM when we get back from the bar and we’re dousing our $1 pizza slices in ranch dressing. If your girlfriend hates us by the end of the weekend, we’re doing it right.

Here’s Colbert discussing “Yo” last night, which caused it to BLOW. THE. FUCK. UP.

And, as always, thanks for reading (and follow/yo-ing) BroBible.