Meet The Vajankle, It’s Like A Fleshlight But For Guys With Foot Fetishes

I’ve never been a FOOT GUY, but we all know plenty are roaming the earth, trying to keep their semen in their body when a lady with a pair of hot walking machines pass them on the street. It’s a weird fetish (what fetish isn’t considered weird?), but it’s really popular. You go to any porn site and feet videos are one of the more prevalent off-the-beaten-path options to tug your dick to.

In honor (or something) of that, a company called Sin Boutique decided to satiate the Foot Fetishist’s deepest desire. Which, of course, is fucking a human foot. And they did that by creating the Vajankle, a product that is similar to a fleshlight but in the shape of a foot, convincing me that we will never run out of shitty ideas in this country. I thought the well of asinine ideas was running dry around the time Over The Top came out, but we’re still thriving. We’re still churning out shit like the fucking Vajankle, a prosthetic foot that you can forcibly penetrate till your body is devoid not only of jizz but also all self-respect. So that’s nice.

Here’s a more NSFW look at the Vajankle, foot veins and all!



[H/T Metro]

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