Here’s The Number One Reason No Bro Should Ever Go Vegan

At least once in life, even if it’s only for a second, a bro considers going vegan or eating vegetarian. It could be health related or vagina related (dating a vegetarian) but the idea crosses the mind. Then it gets squashed because burgers.

A recent study from The Humane Resource Council shows that going vegan, or munching on only veggies, is a pointless pursuit because most people go right back to eating meat. Eventually.

The Humane Resource Council, a nonprofit that does research for animal advocacy groups, sought to figure out once and for all just how many vegetarians and vegans there are in America. (It’s surprisingly hard to come up with the stats.) They took a representative sample of more than 11,000 U.S. adults, and found there are way more former vegetarians than there are current ones.

Two percent of Americans are currently vegetarian or vegan, but 10 percent of Americans are former vegetarians or vegans. Former vegetarians, on average, started the diet at around age 34, and did so for health reasons. They also likely made the transition extremely quickly, but only kept it up for less than a year.

The typical vegetarian, according to their research, is “female, liberal, nonreligious, and young.” I didn’t need research to figure that out.

So if you entertained the thought of eating just leafy greens and beans for now until you drop dead, don’t bother. You’ll quit the life eventually. I didn’t need research to figure that out either.

H/T Esquire