Ancient Velociraptors Used To Have Friggin’ Wings, Dude. Wings.

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Velociraptors are perhaps the most terrifying dinosaur of the Cretaceous Era. Lightning quick, smart enough to track prey, full of an insatiable desire for your blood and flesh; let’s just say you and your fists wouldn’t last more than seven seconds.

You might think a bird that fear-inducing couldn’t get any scarier. You’d be wrong. A newly unearthed fossil reveals that before they were the death machines you are familiar with, they were death machines from ABOVE. From the BBC:

Scientists have discovered a winged dinosaur – an ancestor of the velociraptor – that they say was on the cusp of becoming a bird.

The 6ft 6in (2m) creature was almost perfectly preserved in limestone, thanks to a volcanic eruption that had buried it in north-east China.

The dinosaur has been named Zhenyuanlong, meaning “Zhenyuan’s dragon” – in honour of the man who procured the fossil for the museum in Jinzhou, allowing it to be studied.


Scientists believe the dinosaur was probably too big and its wings too weak for it to fly, but I don’t buy that for a second. That thing rained fire down from above, Emilia Clarke on its back screaming ‘Dracarys,’ killing everything. It wasn’t a meteor that wrecked the dinosaurs. It was one bad ass velociraptor with wings.

Man. Ancient times were fucking cool.

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