U.S. Vets With PTSD Smoke Weed And Discuss How Marijuana Has Helped Their Lives

It’s Veterans Day here in America, and I hope you already knew that. The clip above is from Cut Video, the same production team that brought you ‘Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time‘, one of the most popular viral videos of the past five years.

In today’s clip, they’ve gathered together three veterans who each suffer from PTSD and allow these gentlemen to rip the bong, smoke a blunt, and get high AF while talking about how weed helps treat their PTSD in addition to what life is like after serving in the military. These three men come from very different walks of life, each with his own story to tell. One of them was even drafted into the military and was previously a weed-toking hippie, which seems like an almost foreign concept to many millennials.

The clip takes a second to hit full stride, but once the men start smoking you can see them relax and become genuinely happier and less rigid individuals.