This Bro Made An Epic Video With Visual Effects To Try And Sell His 1996 Suzuki Vitara

by 12 months ago

It’s hard to part with a beloved vehicle. I never wanted to get rid of my first car, a silver ’98 Ford Mustang. It was the first and last car I owned with a manual transmission, and I genuinely miss shifting. I also had several ‘firsts’ in that car, and not just the sowing my oats type of firsts, there were plenty of ‘near death experience’ firsts.

My point is, I get where this bro’s coming from when pouring his heart and soul into ensuring that his beloved 1996 Suzuki Vitara goes to a great home. My VFX skills are close to non-existent, and I’m practically useless when it comes to working with Photoshop. This bro, he’s an Israeli-based VFX editor so making videos like this is his forte.

There’s no such thing as doing ‘too much’ when it’s for something you are passionate about. Unless, of course, you’re this dude waking up your wife in the most legendary way imaginable on her birthday. A stunt that makes the rest of mankind look like shit for not bringing our girls the moon.

(h/t TastefullyOffensive)

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