This 5-Second Video Will Crash Any iPhone And Here’s How You Can Send It To Your Friends Because You’re An Evil Prick

by 1 year ago

If you receive a video link from anyone, even your friends, DO NOT OPEN IT!!! There is a bug being passed around that appears to be a harmless 5-second video, but in fact it will crash any iPhone.

When a person opens the video via an iMessage, it will play the video in the default player. The video plays as normal, but after approximately 10 seconds after watching the video it will slow your phone until your iPhone eventually locks up. The only way to recover from the crash is to hold the power button and home button at the same time to perform a hard reset. From all indications, iPhones have gone back to working to normal after the reboot.

Here’s an instructional video on how to send the glitch to a friend or enemy or your own mother because some of you are really Satan’s spawns. There’s a link to the glitch on the actual YouTube page of this video. Maybe you could tell your friends it’s a leaked video of a nude Kate Upton to entice them into clicking. Have fun wrecking the phones of your “friends.”


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