Any Gamer Dude’s About To Pop Some Blood Vessels While Watching The Damn Fierce New ‘Street Fighter V’ Trailer

This intensely narrated Street Fighter V-hype TV Spot has me vibing like I was watching the latest in an endless procession of ‘Watermelon Thrust’-fueled Gatorade-hydrated, uber-epic, we’re-fired-up-now Nike commercials. That moment when the narrator proclaims with all the wisdom in the world,

“And you realize, it’s not that box that came in that made you, it’s the moment you broke free of it.”

Chills dude, chills.

Seriously, though those Nike commercials are all litt as either of Lisa Ann’s tits. But for real, Street Fighter V drops February 16th, and it’s great to see Capcom pay their respects to the massive community that’s built itself around the game’s successful franchise. Bros like Darryl Lewis built themselves professional gaming careers where they can earn up to $500 bucks a tournament victory. Anyone else experiencing an ‘Entourage‘ flashback right now to when Turtle tries to scrap together some dough when Vinny Chase is down on his luck, but the boys need money?

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