Video Gamer Takes Trash Talking Too Far, Faces 5 Years In Jail

For better or for worse, shit talking has become an integral part of most online video games. I don’t think that I ever played a single game of Halo 3 where a 13 year old didn’t bad-mouth one of my family members, or call me something derogatory. While most gamers learn to tune these comments out sooner or later, a troll from California took things to another level when he made comments threatening to attack Blizzard Entertainment’s headquarters in Sacremento. The comments were made during gameplay of Heroes of the Storm. The article states that,

“Stephen Cebula from Sacramento, California is facing federal charges after threatening to visit developer Blizzard Entertainment’s headquarters with an AK-47. The 28-year-old made numerous online threats from Jul. 2 to 3 towards employees of the company after he was silenced in-game multiple times, according to a 33-page criminal complaint document filed on Jul. 12.

Cebula was silenced after sending abusive messages to other players through the in-game chat feature. This included racial slurs, threatening to kill players and their families, threatening sexual assault, and saying he will “bomb the new york twin towers,” among other things. When Blizzard received complaints from players it decided to suspend Cebula’s ability to communicate in-game.”

There’s shit talking, and then there’s being psycho path. This falls into the psychopath category. I don’t understand why someone would play a videogame that gets them that upset. All I know is that Stephen Cebula is going to be screwed when he arrives at prison and realizes that he doesn’t have the anonymity of the internet to hind behind.

[Via Daily Dot]