GRAPHIC: Don’t Watch This Video Of A Girl Having Her Leg Broken After She Asked Drunk Friend To Obliterate Her

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I warned you about this video and now you’re here so you might as well watch this gruesome footage. A girl apparently asks her drunk friends to break her leg. Not sure exactly how that goes down.

“Hey, what do you guys want to do on Saturday?”

“Oh I don’t know, maybe play Battlefield?”

“Nah. How about we get drunk and one of you can shatter my leg into a gazillion pieces?”

“Sounds like a plan. I’ll bring the beer.”

We take you to Russia, which when it comes to WTF viral videos, Russia is the Florida equivalent of countries. A girl asks her friends to break her leg and they definitely show that they will do anything for their friend. They put her leg on a bench and her friend took a jump-step and slammed both of his legs onto her leg and causing her leg to bend the complete opposite of what it is supposed to. It’s almost like he enjoyed obliterating her leg a little too much. Like he was getting revenge for putting him in the friend zone last summer.

You know this girl had her leg broken for some inconsequential shit. She didn’t want to go to her grandparents’ house for the weekend or was looking for a way to get out of taking an algebra test.

I’d still rather my friends ask me to break their legs instead of them asking me to help them move.