This Video Of Lesbians Making Out With Dudes For The First Time Is Obviously Worth A Watch

As men, by nature, we are convinced that our general musk and bench press numbers are enough to change the sexual makeup of another human being. There isn’t one straight dude reading this who hasn’t truly believed that if he said the right thing, wore the right cologne, or reiterated his high school football stats that maybe, JUST MAYBE, the self-appointed lesbian would abandon the beautiful being that is vagina for your YMCA locker room-smelling flesh rocket. Pompous, self-important creatures we are.

And our collective success rate for this endeavor is, without a doubt, 0.00%.

Until now.

The video posted above features several lesbians who were brave enough to have their first kiss with the opposite sex captured on camera and released on our fabulous website for all you bros to witness.

It looks like the majority of the women enjoyed a man’s kissing technique aka sticking your tongue as far down her esophagus as possible and convincing yourself you’re being romantic.

Is this ONE GIANT LEAP in the right direction of turning lesbians into carnivores???

Judging by the below snapshot, our cause has been blasted back to the stone-age. Chick looks like she wants to crawl up into a vagina and grow old there.


Actually, poor-man’s Uncle Jesse brought us back up to speed again. That look is almost NSFW.