Shocking Video Captures The Terrifying Moment A Woman Is Mauled By A Tiger

I’ve been warning of the impending animal uprising for some time now. But people don’t want to listen. Because of human arrogance, now another animal has attacked and this time, it was deadly. A woman was mauled to death by tigers at a safari.

A car was touring the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World on Saturday when a woman inexplicably got out of the vehicle. She didn’t get out of the car during the ostrich portion of the wildlife park or the zebra section, she got out at the part where there are Siberian tigers freely roaming around.

Seconds later, a tiger jumps onto the woman and drags her away. Graphic and shocking footage shows the moment the tiger pounced on the helpless woman. The driver and another passenger get out of the car to try to help the woman.

The second woman was killed by another tiger that mauled her after she got out of the car to save her friend from the tiger.

There is a more graphic version of the video here.

The 6,000-acre park, which allows people to either drive themselves through a safari, has been closed during the investigation.