VIDEO: What The Fluffernutter Is This MASSIVE Sea Monster That Washed Ashore?!?!

The rotting carcass of some giant sea creature washed ashore in the Maluku Providence on the Indonesian island of Seram that has everyone asking, “WHAT THE UNGODLY FUCK IS THAT THING!?!?!” This 50-foot-long horror has been believed to be everything from a sea monster with tusks, to a giant squid, to most likely a huge whale.

Locals have been flocking to Hulung Beach to see the mysterious monstrosity.

Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu said the carcass looks like liopleurodon wrapped in very old skin and believes it is a humpback whale covered in its own decomposing flesh.

“These aren’t tusks,” Amalatu said. “This is its mouth, but it’s covered with decomposed skin.”

Southeast Asian mammal researcher Marcus Chua believes that the creature is a baleen whale.

“[Based] on the images and videos, in the advanced stage of decomposition it is not possible to determine whether that is a humpback whale or not,” Chua said, adding that there is no record of a giant squid being seen in Indonesian waters.

Lab tests are being conducted to confirm the species.

I want to kill it with fire but it’s already dead.