Video Shows Undercover Cops Perfectly Thwart Armed Robbery In San Francisco

An armed robbery in San Francisco was caught on camera, but little did the perps know that there was a stakeout in the exact same area.

From the YouTube description:

Between 1:08 and 1:10 PM this afternoon, a group of guys in a car backed into a space while waiting for some tourists to walk down the hill. As the tourists walked past them, gunmen emerged from the vehicle and attempted to pull bags away from at least two of the tourists. One ran down the hill, where they alerted some plain-clothes cops who had been lying in wait for the criminals. We’ve had a large uptick in tourist theft recently, though mostly “smash and grab” out of parked cars. Really glad the cops were so vigilant this afternoon.

At the 1:10 mark you will see an undercover cop sprint from the far right of your screen. He runs all the way up the hill to draw his gun on the criminals in the car (I was winded just watching him run up that San Francisco hill). The felons are about to hightail it outta there in a car, but another undercover cop speeds his car and parks it right in front of the getaway vehicle.

At the 1:30 mark the undercover cop is struggling to apprehend the miscreant when another undercover cop comes from behind and makes a great tackle.

Awesome policing right there.