VIDEO: Frenzied Wife Pulverizes Husband’s Mistress In Street For All To Witness

This married woman wanted not only this mistress to know that she deeply cares for her husband, but for EVERYONE in the immediate area to know that she will punish any female who even thinks of banging her man.

We take you to Changzhou, eastern China, to see this very public and very painful shaming. This wife doesn’t subscribe to the philosophy that a married man is at fault when he slips his dick into another woman other than his wife. This enraged wife believes that these trifflin-ass bitches trying to steal her man are totally to blame for her husband’s extramarital affairs and she goes HAM.

On a street in broad daylight, the furious wife gives this mistress a brutal beatdown that she won’t soon forget. She drags the woman by her hair, punches her, slams her head into the pavement, kicks her in the face, all while wearing heels and a dress, which is pretty impressive.

My Wu dialect is pretty rusty, so I shall let the experts over at Shanghaiist decipher what was said during this battle:

Wife: “Why do you keep looking for my husband?”
Mistress: “I have no relationship with him.”
Wife: “Tell me! Tell me!”
Mistress: “Why don’t you get him out and ask him for yourself?”
Wife: “I’m not asking him. What text messages have you been sending him? Did you not know that we have kids? How old are you? Can’t you look for your own husband?”
[Passerby with a kid can be heard exclaiming “damn”]
Wife: “If you dare look for my husband, I’ll make sure your entire family dies… If you ever dare to be a mistress again, I’ll make sure you die… You’re so young and if you can’t find anything else better to do, go be a prostitute!”

FUUUUUUCK! This woman does not play! She won’t just murder the mistress, but her nana and everyone in her family. Vicious!

I haven’t seen a public shaming this savage since Game of Thrones.


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