73-Year-Old Vietnam Vet Asked Dwayne Johnson For A Photo, The Rock Goes Beyond The Call Of Duty

Dwayne Johnson is ridiculously busy right now as his acting career has exploded as you can see from his IMDB page:

But The Rock is not too busy for his adoring fans, including 73-year-old Vietnam vet John Henderson. The military veteran goes to the same gym as Johnson and The Rock refers to Henderson as the “OG of the gym.”

While Johnson was leaving the gym fresh after another workout, Henderson asked the star for a photo. Not only did Johnson oblige, but he went above and beyond the call of duty.

Every hard core gym around the world has one “OG” of the gym. The man everyone knows and respects ’cause after all these years, he still “gets after it” daily.

73yr old, Vietnam vet, John Henderson is that man. I was leaving the gym after my early morning workout and he was coming in and said “At some point I’d like to snap a pic with you before you leave our town”. I said “Well how bout we do it right now!?” He took out his phone and we took the pic. He said “God bless you and thank you”. I said “You’re welcome and have a good day John”. I got in my truck and started to drive off. Buuuut then I thought “You know what let me go back and grab a pic with my phone with that OG who paved the way for so many of us”. When he came back out he said, “Ya know I’ve been around this world my whole life and been inspired by a lot of things. This really makes me happy”. I said “I appreciate you and all you do. You inspire all of us to keep on keepin’ on”. The best part was once we took this pic, he started to walk away and I got back up in my truck.. and he turned back and said “Dwayne… nutrition. Don’t forget your nutrition. It’s the most thing we can do.” I smiled and said “Yes sir, I won’t!” and I drove off.

Made me think that no matter where they come from – military, the streets, sports etc.. there ain’t nothin’ like that OG wisdom that can only come from years of experience.

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the real deal.