An Illustrated History Of Every Handgun Ever Made



We get bombarded with countless infographic emails each. Some are interesting. Some are worthless. Yesterday, I was pitched an infographic on how to “pumpkin spice” an entire house but it didn’t explain how to burn it down in rage.

Today, I was sent A Visual History of Firearms, and while I’m not a gun enthusiast, this poster is pretty farking cool.

From the creators:

This print explores the history of portable guns through 106 hand-drawn illustrations of the most important firearms of all time.

It is truly amazing how much the firearm has evolved since the invention of the first effective gunpowder ignition systems during the fifteenth century. This print presents the most iconic, historically significant, and technologically groundbreaking firearms in chronological order.

Click on the image below to see the full poster.


If you really like the piece, you can donate to the Kickstarter and it could be hanging in your room some day.