Dude Working The Checkout Line At Walmart Drops The Best Shaggy And ‘Scooby Doo’ Impression You’ll Ever See



Listen up, I’ve got a pretty stereotypical view of the type of person who works behind a Walmart checkout counter and this dude just shattered my stereotypical Walmart view. Unfortunately I can’t read the name on this dude’s nameplate so for now we’ll just have to refer to him as the ‘Scooby Doo Walmart Guy’. Well, the Scooby Doo Walmart Guy has a gift for Scooby Doo impressions, specifically this bro crushes the Shaggy and Scooby Doo impressions:

I really, really, REALLY wish that lady wouldn’t have opened her old mouth at the end to say ‘this is going viral’. That almost ruined the entire video for me, but this dude’s impressions were spot on so I’ll let it slide this one time.

You know who had zero interest in participating in this video? Mark. That dude working the counter was all ‘Hey Mark!’ and Mark just blew threw there as if they weren’t talking to him, looking like he hates his job at Walmart. Mark doesn’t give a single fuck about this video going viral, Mark’s on his way back to the grocery section for a clean up in aisle 7 after some women dumped three gallons of milk on the ground to try and get a discount on defective packaging. That’s the life of Walmart for Mark.

[h/t Jeff Twomby]