Real-Life Walter Whites In North Korea: Teachers Now Producing Meth To Make Money And Kim Jong Un Isn’t Happy

If Kim Jong Un would just calm his britches he’d realize that there’s only one ending to this story: where all the Walter Whites end up killing off the meth cartel as well as themselves in the process. If he waits just waits what — 5 seasons? If he just waits 5 years everything will clear up on its own without even so much as having to have lifted a finger to get it done. I’m lazy as hell so that’s 100% the approach I’d take, but apparently Kim Jong Un hasn’t seen Breaking Bad, hence why he’s taking the more difficult route: slaughtering everyone. Fun!

The country’s leader has ordered a blitz on the nation’s Walter Whites – struggling scientists and teachers who supplement their meagre incomes by producing the drug, much like the US TV classic Breaking Bad.

China has complained it is being swamped by huge supplies meth – called ‘ice’ on the streets – smuggled over the border from North Korea.

Even though the country claims there is no drug use in the secretive state, dictator Kim, 32, has rubber-stamped an onslaught against dealers in the frontier town of Hyesan so as not to upset chief trading partner China.

And addicts are now reportedly taking to the hills to get their fix.(via)

You realize how sad of a country North Korea is when it’s easier for their citizens to get their hands on the necessary equipment/ingredients to make meth than it is to get food. I don’t even know what goes into meth, let alone how to make it — and here I’m sitting with a first-world college education, whereas the people of North Korea presumably know jack shit about most things and yet can produce meth like it’s a bowl of easy mac in the microwave.

While North Korea’s official stance on drugs is that they don’t exist in the country (“In 2013, state news agency KCNA said: ‘The illegal use, trafficking and production of drugs which reduce human beings into mental cripples do not exist in the DPRK’ — yeah okay), in the past the government has been accused of profiting from the production and smuggling of meth. Which makes sense, because what else are they selling to turn a national profit? Dirt? The plethora of tumbleweeds I imagine are rolling along any and every city street? More dirt? If empty threats were a currency North Korea would be the Bill Gates of foreign countries, but right now they’re more like Flava Flav: a complete joke.

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