War Machine Once Tweeted a Threat to Dog the Bounty Hunter


Dog the Bounty Hunter’s hunt for War Machine is on and War Machine knows he’s enemy #1 for Dog. Let’s remember the time War Machine tweeted a threat, saying that he’d beat his ass.

Time is a flat circle.



Meanwhile, Dog the Bounty Hunter, speaking over at SB Nation’s MMA Mania, says he’s close and prepared to use non-lethal force:

What do you say to those who might be harboring him?

He’s got a lot of friends. So what you are going to see soon through social media — this is a social media kind of hunt, you don’t go to 7-Eleven and pass out mugshots on this one. This one we have to cover everything … and social media does that. So, pretty soon on social media some of his best friends, relatives and people close to him are going to start telling him to call Dog because this is it. And, hopefully, he doesn’t want to do suicide by cop — he’s very depressed. Very soon you are going to see pleas for him to come in because we are going to catch him — we are very close to him right now. We just have to handle it right because we don’t want anyone killed.

But, wait, you don’t use lethal force …

For 31 years, I’ve used non-lethal weapons. My weapons will drop a rhinoceros. Brother, I can not believe the new stuff they got going on, I’m telling you. I used it the other day and I was like, “Oh my God!” And this guy was huge, more than 300 pounds. So, you don’t have to kill them. Over the years — after 6,500, 7,000 arrests — you realized you don’t need to use deadly force. We’ve gone up against guns, but it’s about who is quickest on the draw. If you have a firearm, and he outdraws you, you’re shot. It’s all about being smart. If you have a non-lethal weapon, and you’re quicker on the draw than him, he’s going down. We won’t kill him, but at the same time, you won’t see Dog Chapman versus the “War Machine” because I’m not stupid — he’d probably break my nose. But, you may see him eat Dog Chapman’s taser.

Go read the full interview at MMA Mania. This is truly some twilight zone shit.

[H/T: Uproxx]

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