Dying War Vet Granted Final Wish Of Saying Goodbye To His Beloved Horses And It’s Incredibly Touching

If you don’t believe in a bond between humans and animals, this video will absolutely change your mind.

Robert Gonzalez, a 65-year-old veteran of the Vietnam War, was allowed a hospital visit from his two beloved horses, Sugar and Ringo, on Saturday.

“He was aware of the horses being there and opened his eyes,” hospital spokesman Lupe Hernandez told The Daily Beast. “The horses were kissing him.”

Gonzalez, paralyzed from the waist down during the war, never gave up his love of riding horses. He’s been training and racing stallions around Texas since the early 70s.

Gonzalez was one of the hospital’s first patients over 40 years ago. Now that he is near death, the staff “is doing everything they can to ensure that he is content.”

[via Daily Beast]