Scientists Say That You’ve Been Washing Your Hands Wrong Forever, And There’s A Chance You Eat Poop



For the sake of this article I’m going to go ahead and assume that each and every one of you bros washes your hands after you drain the pipes (or drop the kids off at the pool). May God help you if you’re not already washing. Now for all you bros that are washing your hands I’ve got some bad news: there’s probably poop on your hands, and not just your own poop, you’re probably walking around with the dookie of everyone else that you’ve come in contact with.

This isn’t all bad news though, there’s a way for you to clean your hands of all the shit that they are currently covered in and it’s called the 6-step hand cleaning technique.

The Metro UK reports:

A new study has shown that ‘normal’ hand-washing – ie lathering your hands, rubbing them for 20 seconds, then washing them, doesn’t work when it comes to getting rid of bacteria (from poo and other sources).
Instead, you should be using the SIX-STEP method (below).
Researchers from Glasgow Caledonian University observed 42 doctors and 78 nurses washing their hands – and found that the six-step method was far more effective at reducing bacterial count on the hands (down to 2.58, as compared to 2.88).
‘Only 65 percent of providers completed the entire hand hygiene process despite participants having instructions on the technique in front of them and having their technique observed.’

So what exactly is the 6-step hand cleaning technique? This is the 6-step hand cleaning technique and unless you want to walk around with invisible gloves made from human shit bacteria you need to get on board with this right now: