Bro Walks Into Police Station And Gets His Weed Back—D.C. Cops Returning Confiscated Marijuana To Citizens

A Washington D.C. resident reportedly strolled in into the Sixth District’s police station and requested his sticky icky (now) legal marijuana back after it was confiscated, and the cops reportedly gave him back his weed.

As we all know, the growing and possession of up to two ounces of recreational marijuana is now legal in Washington D.C. for individuals 21-years-old and up. For those people under the age of 21 (or without proper age/photo identification) cops can still ticket and arrest them, as well as confiscate the pot. However, due to “a Special Order distributed to all officers last week” if a person who is legally old enough to possess marijuana has their stash confiscated they can go to a police station and request that their weed be returned after showing proper age identification. That special order distributed to all officers can be read in full HERE.

Alas, it only took one short week before someone showed up at the precinct requesting their legal marijuana back and was granted return of their property.

D.C.’s WAMU reports:

D.C. police often confiscate drugs during the course of searches and arrests, but now D.C. residents are legally allowed to ask for them back — and one recently did.

According to D.C. Council member Yvette Alexander (D-Ward 7), a resident walked into the Sixth District police station in Ward 7 on Monday and asked an officer on duty to return his marijuana to him, which had been confiscated during a prior arrest.

“He walked in to recover his property from a recent arrest,” said Alexander, who was told of the exchange by a staff member who witnessed it. “He walked in and said, ‘I want my property back, and want to make sure I get my weed back.'”

Alexander says that while the officer on duty was initially confused, the man did eventually recover his marijuana. “They gave him his weed back!” she said.

So TAKE NOTE D.C. stoner bros: If you don’t go to the police station within 30 days to claim your weed back it will be destroyed as contraband!

And nobody wants to see good weed go to waste, even if is now completely legal.

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