How to Watch March Madness at Work With the Help of Music

The best time of the year is rapidly approaching. Tickets are being punched and dancing shoes are being selected for the annual rite of spring. If there is a more exciting 36 hours on the sporting calendar than the second rounds of the NCAA Tournament, we are blissfully unaware.

But there is one fly in the ointment. Some college basketball enthusiasts are gainfully unemployed, which presents a unique challenge. How does one one catch every three-pointer and no-look pass without their boss noticing?

We’d be remiss if we didn’t impart our greatest bit of advice. There is one tried and true — and not completely obvious — tool one needs to enjoy the tournament in peace.


Consider it a BOSS button for your ears.

Look, the prospect of a 14-seed beating a 3-seed will make even the most docile man fidget in his chair with excitement. But when The Man comes walking around to spoil your fun, how you mask what you’re really doing is of paramount importance.

Here is a list of songs to casually blast as authority approaches to let it know that, no, you’re definitely NOT watching the NCAA Tournament. Audibly listening to these tunes will prove that you’re all business — until the boss walks away.

This playlist, of course, needs to be a part of a rounded plan of viewing. One should realize windows are key. Peppering your computer screen with 20-plus frames to mask the play-by-play strategically is a no-brainer. After 15 minutes of tinkering, it’s possible to reveal just enough action to get a sense of the action without being obvious about it.

Secondly, it’s imperative to take the advice of generations of mob members. Never, and we mean never, allow your boss to sneak up from behind. Keep him in your periphery at all times and be ready to pounce. Anticipation is the name of the game.

It’s also of upmost importance to not attract attention to yourself and your viewership. Sure, it’s human nature to want to share the fun, but any type of unusual activity around your usually staid cubicle is bound to be a red flag for the fun police.

Following these basics should help you enjoy March Madness in the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed — at the expense of work and without consequence.