McDonald’s Made A Step-By-Step Video Of How The McRib Is Made, Presumably So No One Ever Eats A McRib Again


McDonald’s is currently deploying a viral, social campaign to disprove the notion that its food is disgusting (which I guess we are aiding by posting this video, but whatever).

You see, over the past year, Twitter and other social sites have been a hotbed of misinformation about the quality of McDonald’s products. From the pink goop for their chicken nuggets, to the dull, grey, unflattering McRib patty, the brand has seen some seriously negative (and not entirely accurate) social press about their food.

So, they’ve been plucking random Twitter users and taking them to McDonald’s factories around the U.S. to see the real things.

And after watching this video, I’ll be honest. I’d eat a McRib. (I wouldn’t eat one, but like, I’m not as terrified of them as I once was. It doesn’t look… as heinous.)

They certainly persuaded the dude in the video.

[H/T Sploid]