Watch This Kid FREAK Out On His Mom After She Ruined His ‘Netflix And Chill’ Session

If this kid is old enough to be having his own “Netflix and Chill” session, then all logic prevailing he should also be too old for his mom to be able to command him to go upstairs and put his pyjamas on.

Judging from the video, this kid is 12. A 12-year-old is having a Netflix and Chill session in his parents house. There are so many things fucked up with that sentence that I can’t even count them all (I lied, I counted and it was 500 things).

The worst part of this video? The part where he screams “She was about to blow my dick!” Actually, correction – that was the best part. But also the worst, if you’re trying to salvage any hope for the next generation of the human race.

…but mostly the best.

[H/T Metro]

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