The Juice From This Fruit Is Called ‘Nature’s Viagra’ But Probably Behind Its Back Because Fruit Is Seedy Like That

The next time you want to get hard for a special occasion, instead of reaching for some Viagra you stole out of the old man’s medicine closet, try a nice big slice of watermelon.

According to science, watermelon is “nature’s viagra” which means it screws a TON of other fruits or something. Or not.

Add another snack to the list of foods to eat before sex: according to two studies from the University of Florida and Italy’s University of Foggia, watermelon is so good for blood circulation that it can reduce hypertension and relieve erectile dysfunction. It has only 71 calories per serving, is high in vitamin C, and is packed with potassium. Plus it’s delicious!

And remember to drink the actual juice. Don’t leave a watermelon next to the bed like some kind of animal.

[via Nerve]

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