25 Ways To Tell If Someone Is Lying To You

ways to tell if someone is lying

YouTube - list25

We all have our own little BS detectors that pop up when we think someone is lying to us, but they’re not always foolproof. So to help you out in discerning the truth here are 25 more ways you can tell if someone is fibbing right to your face.

The creators of the video, list25, tried to put some sort of disclaimer on all of this saying…

“You can never completely tell when someone is lying. Not even a lie detector can do that. Do you understand what that means? That means that not a single one of the tips we are about to give should ever be used to determine that someone is lying without reservation. Even if someone does all 25 of these things they still may be innocent. The power of circumstance cannot be overestimated and people have even been known to give false confessions because they were being pressured to ‘tell the truth.’ With that said, there are certain things you can look for that might arouse your suspicions. These are 25 ways to tell if someone is lying to you. Sort of.”

That’s a whole lot of CYA, but still I think you will find the tips here very useful. And besides, accusing someone of lying is half the fun, isn’t it? Even if they are really telling the truth. Torches and pitchforks out!!

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