5 Ways to Make the Most of Your 4/20

While most dudes probably take this holiday off for “religious reasons” when it falls in the middle of the week, 4/20 on a Saturday means that stoners around the world don’t have to fake sick or make up some far-fetched excuse to celebrate cannabis’ existence on this planet and all the great pleasures it brings to us on a day-to-day basis.

The best part of this holiday is that it doesn’t discriminate at all – no matter what type of stoner you are, this is a ceremonial process you can partake in annually, anywhere, and with anybody. The friendly, laid-back smoker culture that surrounds this day is what really makes it so special, as it’s a celebration that embraces people of all genders, all races and all backgrounds and brings them together in perfect harmony.

Corny, I know, but it really is true – more days like this should exist throughout the year and, sadly, they don’t. Oh well, let’s keep our focus on the task at hand, which is getting blazed out of our minds all damn day and enjoying a substance that has given us so much back over the years.

1. Smoke party

Instead of getting Solo Cups and chasers, you need to tell the Bro making a 7/11 run to get as many blunt wraps and joint papers as he can possibly get his hands on. Any guys looking to make the most of this day should host a smoke party at night, no booze necessary. Invite whoever you know that is down with the cause and tell them to bring others who are interested in a smoking rave. It might not as wild as your typical party night, but it will be super chill celebration.

2. Eat something

This doesn’t mean munching, although I am sure you will be doing plenty of that on Saturday. Rather, find an edible to chow down on during the day, that way you can preserve your nuggets and make sure you still have some to smoke as the end of the day approaches – it’s all about making what you have last, especially if you’re dealer has gone dry. An edible can bring you a different and potentially better high than just getting baked smoking your bowl or a joint. You’ll be higher for much longer for starters and, more importantly, you’ll be giving your lungs a much-needed break, especially if you’re starting with a wake and bake early in the morning and blazing straight through until sundown.

3. Shopping spree

This step should probably happen before the holiday commences, but if you have to make a run to the head shop on Saturday, then so be it. Anyways, don’t be cheap; this is a celebration, which means you can indulge a little bit by investing in a new smoking device. Don’t try and justify it, just do it. Pretend as if alcohol had a birthday. I’m sure you wouldn’t go with the $9 bottle of vodka as a party gift. No, you’d go with something much classier. Same philosophy applies here – this is a birthday party for marijuana. Don’t be afraid to pull out all the stops.

If you’re broke, which I’m sure most of you are; at least have the decency to clean your glassware up before the smoke session gets underway. You don’t want to be smoking out of a dirty bong on the most important smoking day of the year.

4. Pick out some classic stoner comedies

Because the holiday falls on a Saturday, I’m sure the number of movie-watching-couch stoners will be reduced, but for those of you who are stranded at your house with nowhere else to go, you’ll be fine. Throw on some holiday classics and get ready to blaze from the opening credits to the final scene. There’s nothing, I repeat nothing, wrong with a Saturday spent on the couch watching Harold and Kumar, Friday, Pineapple Express, How High and Grandma’s Boy. If your old school, then Dazed and Confused, The Big Lebowski and Fast Times at Ridgemont High might do the trick. Also not to be forgotten, of course: Super Troopers, Billy Madison, Scary Movie and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

As you can see, you have plenty of viable options, which, in itself, makes staying on the couch, getting high and watching movies a perfectly legitimate 4/20 plan.

5. Stay purely green

No need to experiment with other drugs on this holiday. Yesterday was 4/19 and tomorrow will be 4/21. If you want to take a trip, I’m certainly not judging you, but it can wait until tomorrow. 4/20 is a day dedicating to weed and whoever founded it wanted bros everywhere to appreciate marijuana and to have everything else in life be put on the back-burner. Maintaining a purely “green” high is the way to ensure you make the most of your 4/20, because other drugs will subject you to non-peaceful feelings that could lead you into non-peaceful situations and by that point your smoker’s chi will have been lost. If you must indulge in other substances, then by all means go ahead – it’s a free country and I’m not your mother, but speaking from experience, preserving a purely marijuana-based high is the way to go. Yea, you may take a few taps here and there and you may not even make it out that night, but who cares. If you’re celebrating 4/20, you’re supposed to be getting stoned, not accelerating your heart rate to the point where you can’t sit down.

[Smoking pot image via ShutterStock]