This Wedding Photo Was A+ Except For Where The Couple Accidentally Admitted They’re Into Some Kinky Shit


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Words are totes fo sho cool and shit, but you know what makes them even better? Holding up giant foam cut-outs of words at family gatherings. JUST KIDDING TRIK YAAA that’s super tacky and overdone. Fuck your words and your signs just go to a fucking engagement party / wedding / whatever and don’t wave any shit in the air. Or you can just do what Redditor StoriesTellBones’ sister did and ignore my shitty advice, then wind up with a wedding photo like this:

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You like S&M lady? That’s nice. Don’t think your wedding guests needed to know though, although it is kind of cute that you’re so open about your sexuality.

Just kidding that was a lie, save your butt plug for when you’re not in public ya pervz.

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