The Weed-Smoking Grandmas Did A Pre-Pot Interview And Yes, They’re Still Pretty Damn Funny

Remember those awesome weed-smoking grandmas we shared with you a few days ago? Well, BEFORE they got stoned off their hilarious asses for the first time in their lives they sat down for a little pre-tokin’ interview session.

Now we get to learn things like why the grandmas had never smoked pot before? Mostly it was because they said they were took busy, but at least one of them came of as having been more than a bit curious about trying it somewhere along the way.

They were also asked what their immediate responses were when they were approached to smoke pot for the first time, which elicited this funny response from one grandma, “Sure, there’s always the fear that you’re going to make a complete ass out of yourself.” No chance, grandma, no chance.

Overall though, they just seem like pretty sharp ladies who knew what they were getting into and entered into it with some seriously open minds.

Check ’em out…

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