Here’s What Snorting That Booger Sugar Actually Does To Your Body (HINT: It’s Not Good)

You’ll find no judgment from me if you’re out there snorting lines of cocaine every weekend. If you want to chop up rails and snort some gator tails then that’s your prerogative, I’m just here to relay this information from a doctor on what the snorting of all these nose beers can do to your body.

via VICE UK:

Dr Adam Winstock, a Consultant Psychiatrist and founder of the Global Drugs Survey, is clear: “Doing a gram of coke every weekend is not healthy, nor can it even really be called casual or average use,” he says. “That’s something we call normative misperception, where someone thinks, ‘My mates and I are behaving like this, therefore everyone else must be as well – it’s totally normal.’ Cocaine is a vasoconstrictor – it makes the heart pump faster while narrowing the blood vessels. It’s like putting your foot on the accelerator while pinching the fuel line. People also forget that sharing a rolled up note that everyone is sticking into bloody nostrils can transmit Hepatitis C, which is a hardy little virus that lives outside the body for weeks.”

I think it’s easy for people to forget that Hepatitis C can easily be transmitted on dollar bills. This is something that’s lost in the shuffle of direct health effects caused by cocaine. ‘Putting your foot on the accelerator while pinching the fuel line’ is a very visual analogy that most of us can understand, and I think that goes a long way in helping us laypeople comprehend just how bad it is to be tooting rails every Friyay and Saturyay night. But what Dr. Fisher says next

Dr Fisher puts it even more succinctly: “One of the major effects of cocaine is to make people act like dickheads.” He then underlines the seriousness of the point: “People don’t realise what a slippery slope it is. Users become reliant on that fake confidence that cocaine can give. So it starts with people doing it every weekend, then gradually they begin to need that bump on a Thursday instead of a Friday. Then it becomes Wednesday, and so on, until you have a really serious problem.”

‘Doing cocaine makes you act like a dickhead’. This is actual analysis from a medical doctor on the dangers and side effects of doing blow every weekend. Suddenly, this VICE UK interview about cocaine has become my favorite interview in history, and it ONLY GETS BETTER. So click that link to read it in full!

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