This Is What Drinking A Can Of Coke Does To Your Body In The First Hour After Drinking It

by 4 years ago

Remember the guy in the photo above? His name is George Prior and he’s the crazy asshole who drank 10 Cokes per day for an entire month to prove that doing so is a comically bad idea. His story came out last December so I can only assume he’s dead by now. His body probably dissolved into a pile of bones, teeth, bile and feces, AKA the way we all hope to die someday.

From Prior’s harrowing story, we learned that drinking 10 Cokes per day will not only result in substantial weight gain, but it’s also likely taking a toll on your insides. Today, we learn exactly what that toll is by seeing the effect that just one Coke is having on your body in the first 60 minutes after you drink it.


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