This Is What Margot Robbie Looked Like At 13 And It Just Proves That If She Can Grow Up To Be Hot, So Can You

No one looked good when they were 13. Not you, not me, not Margot Robbie – but unlike many celebs who do their best to hide the proof that they were once awkward teenagers, Robbie went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and proudly (“proudly”) showed the audience a photo of what she looked like at 13. As you can probably guess, it’s not pretty:

“I’m drinking a cup of tea. I’m in bed. I’m clearly really enjoying myself reading Harry Potter” she explains in the clip, “I have braces, which I had for two years. I was really into slicking my hair back – God knows why.”

No, I know why – because when you’re 13 you think things that look fucking awful look great, and things that look great look awful. When I was 13 I wore the same hoodie to school every day for almost a year and let my friends do shit like this to my hair. Why pre-teen me chose to document this fug AF look and put it on Facebook remains a mystery to this day:

So if Margot Robbie can go from greasy Potter nerd to movie star, that means one day I too will get my shit together and…nah, just kidding – I’ll always be busted 🙂

[H/T Metro]