Here’s What The ‘Perfect Mistress’ Looks Like, According To Nearly 500,000 Horny, Rich Men

perfect mistress composite

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No, not Margot Robbie, but she’s kind of close!

Seeking Arrangements, a Web site that, according to The Daily Mail, matches wealthy male benefactors with young, attractive females, polled its almost 500,000 male users to find out what the “perfect mistress” would look like.

Of course the results are comically unrealistic. They want a blonde with green eyes who is either Asian (30%) or Caucasian (32%), with a Bachelor’s Degree, doesn’t smoke, is athletic – especially into yoga, and is somewhere between 26 and 32 years-of-age. Oh, and has a 32D bust. That’s all.

Sounds like Gronk’s perfect woman!

perfect mistress

Seeking Arrangements

“The woman illustrated in the study is mature enough to understand the dynamic of an affair, but still young enough to have a youthful exuberance,” said Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO. “Plenty of men seek a mistress as the spark outside of wedlock and for some men, the perfect catch is in the form of a yoga loving student.”

And he’s an MIT graduate! So he knows what he’s talking about.

So there you have it. Really, the only question I have left is, who are the ladies in that graphic? Because I wouldn’t mind dating one of them.