This Is What Your Teeth Look Like When You Let Them Rot By Drinking Soda 24/7


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It’s no secret that drinking soda paired with not brushing your teeth often enough will lead to a mouth full of rotted teeth. But just how bad can your mouth get? I mean it’s just soda after all; drink a glass of water right after and it cancels out all the sugar, right?

Nah. Totes false.

Dental surgeon Sophie Beaumont from The Royal Dental Hospital in Melbourne revealed how she’s seen more than 1,000 children put under general anaesthetic to have teeth removed thanks to sugary drinks causing decay.

The horrifying images show young teeth rotting away thanks to children being constantly allowed to drink the high-sugar drinks by their parents.

… Dr Beaumont said: “It is certainly not uncommon to do multiple extractions on young children, often if there is one tooth with severe decay then there will be others that are just as bad.(via)

It’s disgusting and sad to think that there are people out there who both have kids and lack the mental capacity to realize that soda + children + crap oral hygiene = rotted teeth, but then again if they didn’t exist we wouldn’t get wonderful snapshots like these:

Bad-teeth-of-a-child-caused-by-drinking-sugary-drinks (1)

Dr rob beaglehole


Dr rob beaglehole

Brush your teeth, bitches.

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