New Study Reveals At Which Ages People Are Most Likely To Cheat On Their Partners

age most likely to cheat


Ever wonder at what age people are most likely to cheat on their partners? No? Well, we’re telling you anyway and the answers may surprise.

According to a new study by, a British dating website for married people (aka the Ashley Madison of the UK), we have a pretty good idea of when people are most likely to cheat.

Taking a look at the profiles on their site they determined that people are most likely to cheat when they are of an age ending in the number 9. As in 29, 39, 49, etc.

The age which was determined to have the highest cheating rate was 39. Apparently people want to get one last fling in before hitting the big 4-0.

The second most popular age for cheating was 49, followed by 29.

In fact, according to The Sun, IllicitEncounters, who boasts over one million members, has 18 percent more profiles in years ending in nine than for other years in the decade and people were more active in that year as well.

A spokesperson for the website said: “Our research shows that some people cheat to get their partner’s attention.

“If their partner’s a workaholic or unavailable to them, being caught with someone else is a way of saying: ‘Hey, if you love me, pay attention to me!’

“‘Payback cheating’ is also common. If you’ve cheated in the past or done something else to hurt your partner, they might retaliate to get even.”

I guess all of this is something to keep an eye on should your partner be in the last year before hitting an age ending in the number 0, huh?

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H/T The Sun; Couple image by Shutterstock

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