The White House Snapchat HAD TO BE Trolling America With This Horribly Ironic Typo, Right?

white house snapchat spelling error education

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On Monday, as the annual White House Easter Egg Roll was taking place (and getting roasted on Twitter), several very odd things happened.

First, President Trump’s wife Melania, an immigrant, had to remind The Donald to put his hand on his heart during the playing of the national anthem.

At another point in the festivities Trump signed a kid’s MAGA hat and rather than hand it back to him Trump just tossed it into the crowd.

The topper to the day in Washington, however, had to be when the White House decided to Snapchat a photo of Betsy DeVos reading to a group of kids on the lawn. See if you notice anything off about the caption?

Needless to say, Twitter ate this ironic typo up with a spoon…

Unfortunately, or fortunately I suppose, depending on your viewpoint, that might not have even been the worst typo of the day from the White House…

Congressioal. Wow.