Here’s Why The American Flag Is Reversed/Backwards On U.S. Military Uniforms

The American Flag is one of the most sacrosanct symbols in our country. It is meant to represent all of the ideals our great Nation was founded on. The American Flag one of the best-known symbols in the planet, and just as soon as we fight some aliens to go to war with it’ll rank amongst the most recognizable symbols in the universe.

Author Tim Marshall wrote Worth Dying for: The Power and Politics of Flags. He sat down with Business Insider Video for this clip, and here he explains why the American Flag is backward on U.S. military uniforms.

We treat the American Flag with the utmost respect. Our flag must never touch the ground. If the flag is displayed at night there must be a light shining on the flag to illuminate it. And in the case of military uniforms, the flag must always be facing forward. When the American Flag is hanging on the flag pole the stars are on the inside with the stripes in the rear, pushed back from the wind. So, when the American troops are marching the flag must always be forward, and this means the flag must be reversed to put the stars forward.

If my explanation’s confused you at all just watch the video above, he does a much better job than I do at explaining why the American Flag is reversed on US Military uniforms.

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