Video Reveals Why Women Fake Orgasms, Does Nothing To Boost My Confidence In Bed

why women fake orgasms

YouTube - Elite Daily

We, as men, all know that there has been at least one point in our lives when a woman has faked having an orgasm. We can agree on that, right? Oh right, not you, tough guy, you always make them scream with ecstasy. Got it.

Anyway, for the rest of us, we know it to be true. But why? We want, nay, need to know why women fake orgasms. Is it to soothe our fragile egos? Are they just worn out and have had enough already? Maybe.

However, as one smart woman points out in the video, if she fakes it, then bro thinks he’s done his job when in reality he hasn’t, so how is he ever going to learn to do it right? Food for thought indeed.