Here’s Why We All Turn Into Insufferable Dickwads On Airplanes, And It Totally Makes Sense

Have you ever noticed that within minutes of stepping foot onto an airplane your personality morphs into that of a cave-dwelling monster? It’s not the oxygen, and it’s not the tiny ass seats that cause this dark shift in your mood and personality. Researchers have determined that there is a very identifiable aspect to air travel that causes people to turn into complete dickheads. And they say that ‘the first step is acceptance’, so now that we’ve pinpointed the root of all this evil we can begin to transform ourselves into being less shitty when we’re up in the air.

via Metro UK:

According to new research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it’s all down to one thing: first-class seats.
Research has found that air rage incidents are almost four times more likely to happen on planes with first-class cabins than those without them, and that 84% of air rage happens in economy class.
This is because knowing that first-class seats exist while you’re sitting in economy makes you keenly aware of any unfairness. You’re suddenly noticing all the things you don’t have, because you know about what first-class passengers do have.
This is made worse by all the various reminders that you’re in a lower class seat: the booking process, the different queues, the added time spent waiting to board, and having to walk through first-class to reach your seat.
But it turns out paying up for a first-class seat might not resolve your tetchiness. People who sit in first class end up having higher expectations for their flight experience – if it doesn’t measure up, they can get seriously p*ssed off.
The answer? Try to focus on the joy of flying.

So just know that first class exists on your plane when you’re sitting in coach is enough to drive you into a fit of rage, apparently. But paying for a first class ticket doesn’t necessarily ward off the anger, because you set your expectations so high for the first class experience that the disconnect between reality and expectations puts you in a shitty mood.

At the end of the day the only thing you can do is just surrender to the flow, and try to enjoy the experience of flying. Try and remember that it’s all about the journey, not the destination, and you might find that you become a much more pleasant individual on planes.

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(h/t Metro)