WTF Story Of The Day: Pissed Off Wife Gets Revenge On Her Husband By Almost Literally Melting, MELTING His Dick Off



My favorite revenge stories are the ones that are perfectly legal, yet manage to dick over the person in question to the fullest extent possible. The wife in this story, as I’m sure you’ve been able to surmise, did not take a legal route to screw over her husband, therefore making this revenge story more “Holy shit this is fucked up” rather than “Ha ha sucks to suck LOSER.” One is fun, one is not fun. One makes me smile, one makes me cringe. One involves being clever and calculating, one involves lacing a pair of underwear with paraquat:

A husband was left fighting for life after discovering his genitals were slowly rotting amid claims his wife had laced his underpants with a powerful poison.

The man spent three weeks in hospital, including a fortnight in intensive care, after suffering breathing difficulties and a disturbing rotting down below.

Tests later found that his underpants had been soaked in paraquat, a toxic and highly dangerous chemical commonly used as a herbicide.

Named only as Zhang, the man in his 50s had reportedly been arguing with his wife.(via)

“Zhang” reportedly first came into contact with paraquat after his wife had put it in his underpants and then gave them to him to wear on their daughter’s wedding day. Shortly after realizing his dick was literally beginning to rot off, he was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Zhang’s wife has reportedly been arrested and an investigation is ongoing.

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