This Wild Boar That Crawled Out Of The Ocean And Started Attacking Beachgoers Was Taking No Prisoners

I’m no boar expert, but I honestly had no idea that boars hung out by the sea. I also have never heard of a sea boar, which is what this animal apparently is. That sounds like a creature from a Harry Potter novel. “Yeah, it’s half-boar, half-mermaid, full-dope.” Regardless, while I’m pretty surprised to see a wild pig come racing out of the Baltic Sea, the beachgoers actually take this one in pretty decent stride. And then the boar just starts attacking people left and right.

Another angle:

It’s that boar’s beach, time to clear it. If I was at the beach and all of the sudden a wild boar came running out of the water, I’d be off that beach before someone could say, “Hey, that fat white kid who’s running away kind of looks like a hairless boar.” I’d just leave my chairs and coolers on the beach as an offering to the boar to tell all his friends not to bully me. “Yeah, that fat kid is cool with us. He’s pretty much part boar anyway.”

[h/t Coed]