Want To Win More Money At The Poker Table? This Psychological Trick Will Change Your Game Forever

Of course you want to win more money at the poker table. The only possible reason you’d ever want to lose money at the poker table it to launder money, and I know that 99.99999% of you bros aren’t bringing in enough illegal cash yet to want/need to launder money. So now that we’ve established everyone here wants to make money let’s get to the one psychological tip that WSOP champion and professional poker player Annie Duke has that’ll change your game forever:


Annie Duke is a lifetime professional poker player with over $4 MILLION in earnings, and that’s all at the table, not including poker sponsorships. So if she tells you to completely disassociate the chips from being money then YOU DO THAT SHIT. And it all makes perfect sense, once you stop looking at your chips as money to be used in your life you can hunker down and begin to play the game of poker without thinking about anything financial.

The only thing about this that sort of chaps my ass is that what she’s claiming is a revolutionary psychological trick to win more at poker is actually something that casinos have been doing since they first existed. The entire reason that casinos give chips out at the tables instead of using cash is because they don’t want any gamblers thinking about those chips representing actual money. And of course this trick only applies to people playing at tables, and not online poker, though I suppose you could try and translate the same principals to online poker.